Luisa "Lulu" Shanstrom

Luisa, known by many as Lulu, has worked in the professional Lingerie industry for the past several years. After graduating with a degree in business management and fashion, Lulu and her husband set out to open up a high-end luxurious lingerie store that catered to the individual. Lulu believes in the fundamental aspects of business deeply. Business is dependent on the relationships we foster and grow. Therefore, at D'Amore our first mission is to understand our clients on a personal level so we can better provide our services. Additionally, "we aim to offer the best customer service in the Lingerie Industry," Lulu adamantly states.


Shoppers are encouraged to ask questions and learn about the lingerie they are about to purchase. Each and every piece is designed specifically for one goal -to make you look sexy. it is our job to help you find the perfect piece!